Economic Slowdown or Recession – A boon for Online business for sale?

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Economic Slowdown or Recession – A boon for Online business for sale?

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India’s economy is going through a rough patch currently. After mulling around it for so many months most economists finally agree that the economy is indeed facing a slowdown. India is now facing its third economic slowdown since 2008. The GDP rate for the quarter ending June of FY2019-20 has slashed to 5%, against 5.8% in March quarter. World Bank estimates India’s GDP rate to be 6% for FY20. The statistics do not look good, but will it lead to many online businesses for sale? Seeking help from online brokers like Bizzday to buy or sell the business would be a good thought.

The GDP of any economy depends on consumption expenditure, investment both in the public and private sector, government expenditure and exports. This phase of slowdown started way back in 2017 but worsened gradually by the first quarter of 2019. Many reasons contributed to this slowdown.

  1. Financial reforms by the government: Demonetization affected the major contributor for GDP which is consumption expenditure. The improper implementation of GST affected small scale industries until they understood the new law and changed their service accordingly.
  2. Uncertainty in International business: The ongoing trade war between the US and China, the pending decision on Brexit and the fact that globally there has been an economic slowdown fuel current crisis in India. This scenario alone can’t bring business for sale in India.
  3. Thrashing Industrial sector: Sluggish consumer demands has resulted in failing the manufacturing sector and many other sectors such as real estate, banking, etc. Manufacturing growth has hit a 15-month low at the end of August.
  4. Reduced rural income: Rural wages have decreased considerably causing the transfer of income from rural to urban areas. Agricultural income has reduced a lot due to many factors, indirectly affecting our exports.

Though the recession affects many sectors of industry few businesses remain unaffected by it. The food industry, healthcare, education, personal care are few such examples. One other such business opportunity in India is online business or E-Commerce. Since Indians tend to look out for cheap and best quality products or services economists believe it’s unlikely that this part of industry will be hit by the slowdown. Rather, observing the current trend it’s more likely that people will use the online business more than a traditional business.

These day’s online businesses focus more on nurturing relationships rather than getting a one-time sale and hence customers tend to stay loyal and be a part of the business. This is the best time to check online business for sale or E-Commerce business for sale. Online brokers Bizzday is one such platform where they focus on connecting like minds through their business ideas and providing them solutions.

Starting a new business during an economic slowdown is a well thought and creative idea. Economic slowdown pushes many online businesses to go for sale. Buying business at this time proves to be beneficial since there would be many chances of having a good deal for better products. Online platforms like Bizzday business brokers in India provide you with a plethora of opportunities where you can buy a business online from a wide range of choices.

Will India hit recession or rise back from this economic slowdown is yet to be determined. But this period can be made beneficial if invested carefully now and later thrive as the economy bounces back.

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