How to start or find a profitable business for sale in artificial intelligence?

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What is an Artificial Intelligence?

Business for sale in artificial

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, which endeavor to create intelligent machines, thinking and working like humans. Colloquially, which copy or imitate functions that humans connect or associates with other human minds? It is becoming an important part of technology industry and day to-day life.

“A system’s ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation.”- Kaplan and Haenlein
Popular examples of Artificial Intelligence are: Siri Apple, Alexa Amazon, and Google Now all are examples of AI. You must have observed that these apps work as and when you put forward your requests, they will collect information on your requests and further, use that information to recognize your speech and serve you with the tailored results. For example “Alexa please play National Anthem” likewise.
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Why to choose business in Artificial Intelligence?

Business for sale in artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the machines, designed and programmed in a way that they can think and act like human minds. It has become an important part of our daily life. We use AI in almost everything like our smart phones, cars, smart speakers etc. AI is already present in almost all the application these days. It is used to make things easier, as it is capable of performing tasks like human minds. Bizzday AI buy sell marketplace is a business broking firm to help you find a business for sale.

The core areas of artificial intelligence include:

• Knowledge
• Reasoning
• Problem solving
• Perception
• Learning
• Planning
• Ability to manipulate and move objects
• Optical character recognition.
• Handwriting recognition.
• Speech recognition.
• Face recognition.
• Artificial creativity.
• Computer vision, Virtual reality and Image processing.
• Diagnosis (AI)
• Game theory and Strategic planning.

The graph below clearly shows how Artificial Intelligence Software Market to reach $105.8 Billion in Annual Worldwide Revenue by 2025. It is better that you adopt the industry early before it is late.

Who participated and won in AI race

Here are the names that have participated and have successfully made it. Here are the names:

• Deepmind
• Google
• Facebook
• OpenAI
• Baidu
• Microsoft Research
• Apple


Coming back to the topic, below are the 9 best business ideas to start in Artificial Intelligence:
Here we go……

1. AI consulting business
2. Industrial IOT/ Smart Factory
3. AI Educational Services
4. Smart Homes
5. Smart Contracts/ Settlement using block chain
6. Machine Learning/ Data Science Consulting
7. AI related Hardware/ component business
8. Intelligent Drone
9. Autonomous Car Component and Software

AI Consulting Business

AI consulting business is the business associated with helping companies and corporates using AI technologies to improve their businesses.

Why AI Consulting Business

We all know that integration of artificial intelligence related products is becoming indispensable. Today, the demand for artificial intelligence related products is more and is compounding, however, supply is limited. Sometimes companies don’t know which firm to hire, also, the technology isn’t mature yet. Hence, artificial intelligence consulting has a great future and sooner it will be an important industry Bizzday buy sell business India and USA is the right platform for you to get any AI website for sale.

Industrial IOT/ Smart Factory


Today with the advancement and so wide use of AI, manufacturers are now adopting the IoT to help improve quality control, achieve greater operational efficiency, and improvise the customer experience, improved product quality, better ROI, better Inventory Tracking and more. Automobile Company for Sale or Automotive Business for Sale is now just a call away, anytime you can visit Bizzday business brokers and get all the information about business for sale.

AI Educational Services

Online websites like, Udemy, Coursera, etc. are renowned today, all these websites are giving AI education and students across the globe take advantage of all these opportunities. They provide multiple courses from short term to long term, depending upon one’s requirement one can pursue the course. If you wish you can also start your own AI online or offline education services to cater the needs of students. At Bizzday business for sale platform we do have online AI educational institutes on sale.

Smart Homes

These days when everything is Smart how come you would not want to have a smart house where everything is controlled with AI?Home automation or domotics is building automation for a home. It controls lighting, climate, entertainment systems, home security and appliances. At Bizzdaybuy sell business platform you can easily find online business for sale.

Smart Contracts/ Settlement using blockchain

Smart contracts address the elemental of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions – in order to automate the contract lifecycle to improve compliance, alleviate risk and improve efficiencies across the enterprise. One cans easily startup with this platform of specialized intelligent contracts. All you need to do is visit at Bizzday and find websites for sale.

Machine Learning/ Data Science Consulting

Many startups are working on machine learning and data science consulting. In it, business problems and business expectations are taken and solved by developing machine algorithms. For example: Supply chain procurement optimization, Medical patient disease diagnosis using machine learning models, financial fraud detection, retail analytics etc.

How one can start Machine Learning/ Data Science Consulting?

All you need is to build a team of data scientists, data engineers, data analyst, and programmers and provide an infrastructure, then create customer base to sell your solution to them and generate revenue. Software giants like Tcs, Infosys, Wipro having a separate competency for AIMLDS (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data science).

AI related Hardware/ component business

Another options for people who are planning to startup their own business is AI related hardware/component business. Motherboard, GPU, RAM, Storage, Chassis, CPU, etc., as best of the hardware are required to fulfil the task in AI. Hardware is the heart of Artificial Intelligence and the importance can’t be ignored. Nvidia is considered to be the best hardware solution provider. For Manufacturing Business for Sale do visit Bizzday business brokers.

Intelligent Drone

Drone technology not new, in fact, it has applications across a variety of industries from construction to insurance; agriculture to energy etc.If you wish to enter into Drone Technology start up, all you need is to decide which industries to target and the services you are going to provide your customers.

How to start:

Initially you need to have the right set of hardware and software tools to start. Besides, building a safety protocol for drone operation, you also need to obtain the appropriate certifications and insurance to run a drone operation. Then the business basics, like ownership, staffing, and executing a sound marketing strategy to run the business smoothly. Profitability and success of your business will entirely depend on your plan. Go ahead!

Autonomous Car Component and Software

Self-driving technology has been one of the most talked about tech in the last one decade. Already TCS developing self-driving Nano, Infosys bringing self-driving rickshaw, Tech Mahindra’s reported interest on working on autonomous driving system, and others.

Developing modular self-driving technology the only aim is to facilitate features like cruise control, lane keeping, collision avoidance, keeping a check on accidents, higher efficiency etc., You can start a business of self-driving car components as the requirement of such component is going to rise in coming future as AI is the future.

Happy Businessing with Bizzday business marketplace…

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