Hyderabad-Telangana The Emerging Business for Sale Destination

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Hyderabad-Telangana The Emerging Business for Sale Destination

The Emerging Business for Sale Destination

The city of Hyderabad has always been a center for business for sale destination. It is known for its amazing nightlife. Though it faced a bit of down growth in 2013-2014, it slowly started to rise again after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in February 2014. Once the storm surrounded due to the mutual fight subsided, Telangana started to rise high due to the effort of the state government and the people.
Many corporate-friendly policies and measures were announced due to which Telangana and Hyderabad are moving towards becoming the next business hub for buying selling business after Bangalore and Delhi-NCR. Now is the right time to invest in a popular business for sale in Hyderabad and Telangana. Online brokers like Bizzday.com business brokers can assist you in finding them for any business for sale in India.
One of the main reasons for this growth in Telangana was the interest and effort of the state government. Being one of the youngest states of India, they needed a well-set plan to boost their economy. As mentioned by Jayesh Ranjan, the IT secretary of the Telangana government, our first agenda was to build an ecosystem of technology and innovation. We felt the quickest way to do that is by encouraging startups.
Today Telangana has around 4000 startups as compared to 1500 in 2015. Websites like Bizzday.com business brokers list several of this business for sale opportunities in the city which has awesome growth potential in the future for many business buyers.
The introduction of Telangana State Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) through which the government promised all the approvals needed for any large-scale industry to be completed within 15 days. This was a huge attraction to all the big players who were looking out to invest in India. Added to this the diversified human resource, good infrastructure, better connectivity of commutation, etc. all acted like oil in the lamp. This resulted in a vast number of big players entering the city and making it their second home.
Companies like IKEA, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, Amazon.inc, Airbus and many others have already started their business in Telangana. Some have even opened their first development centers outside the USA which in itself is a big deal. This acts as a booster to the economy by improving job opportunities in both manual and skilled labor.
Another big push from the government of Telangana was in manufacturing and health care sector. The city of Hyderabad has a large number of health care and health startups. The setting up of T-hub in a public-private partnership that involved active participation from IIT, ISB and NALSAR offered a chance for startups to forge a partnership with companies, investors, mentors, etc.
They also announced T-Works, which focused on manufacturing and product startups. This gives a platform for engineers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers to convert and idea into a product.
Telangana government is investigating every possibility in providing high-class facilities and solutions to business enthusiasts in the city. So, use help from online portals like Bizzday.com internet business broking and invest cleverly now to reap benefits from entrepreneurs and business.

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