Elements of Success Yogi to Yoga-Preneurship transformation and success stories

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Elements of Success Yogi to Yoga-Preneurship transformation and success stories

Yoga is a Sanskrit word used for a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices originated in ancient India. Yogaincludes the physical practice of postures called asanas. Yoga preneurship is in trend these days. In fact it is seen that people are landing in this line of yoga-sphere business leaving their full-fledged jobs. Reason could be any but one thing is certain that people are now seeing forward to own a business instead of working for some company. The fact that ownership of business has charm of its own and nothing can be akin to it. Yoga preneurship is sustainable, fulfilling and paying business. Further you may refer Bizzday Business brokers to know more.

Baba Ramdev,is the best example of a yogi to yoga-prenuer globally. He is not just a name but a big shot, famous for his contribution to yoga. He was a yogi we all know that, he started spreading benefits of yoga initially, organized many yoga camps locally and globally. Now he is a renowned yoga-prenuer, he has taken yoga to downright new dimensions. Yoga today is not only a set of few asanas, but he has transformed it to a full-fledged business which a yogi by spirit can think of owning himself. Many such businesses are available for sale in Bizzday business brokers.

How is the yoga training business globally?

We all know that yoga training business is flourishing globally and the major reason after this is people are getting conscious about the traditional methods and techniques of patanjalito stay fit and healthy physically and mentally. It is downright true that yoga is the practices of some asanas but the fact can’t be denied that the practice of those asanas not only keeps one healthy but it also keeps one’s mind calm, rejuvenated and stable which is most essential in this fast-pace life.

How a yogi can be a great entrepreneur globally?

First thing first, don’t confuse a yoga teacher with yoga-preneur. Yoga entrepreneurship is quite different from being a Yoga Teacher. If you also wish to be a yoga-preneur from a yogi then trust me it is possible. Let me tell you that if a yogi wish to enter yoga-sphere business then it’s possible. There are many yoga-preneurs already doing it. They exist, the fact is that you need to understand some universal truths about the yoga biz, and that’s all what is needed to be a yoga-preneur globally. You can find motely of options from a yoga trainer to owning a yoga studio and so on and so forth. A yogi has myriad of options to become a yoga-prenuer from starting his/her own blog to start manufacturing own yoga mats/drinks/T-shirts etc., sky is the limit for those who wish to own their business. You just need to find your niche visit Bizzday to find Business for Sale in India or Business for Sale in Chennai and Business for Sale in Bangaloreand start on!!

What are the transformations he can do to become a business man?
For a yogi with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great vision is possible to become a yoga-prenuer. Tips to be a yoga-prenuer:

 First thing first, stay abreast, get formal education.
 Spend your time, efforts and resources in educating yourself to know how to run a business.
 Market yourself genuinely, there are many ways to do that from email marketing to social media.
 Very important is to find your niche.
 Plan way ahead and align yourself with the community of like-minded people.
 Learn communication skills a ‘MUST’ for your Biz.
 Have an edge over your Biz.
 Don’t settle for less, know your worth.
 Persistence is powerful ingredient.
 Keep learning.
 Be creative.
 Finally, choose your support team with prudence, make sure they help you understand the jolts, twiddle, and twirls of the business world.

How easy to start an online shop for yogi’s?
Advancement of technology has enabled us to have access to almost everything from anywhere and same goes with the yogi-prenuers also. They can do their work from almost anywhere. More often than not, technology has brought entrepreneurs the ease and comfort that make their life easy. Even yogisthese days are no behind from taking advantage of the technology. They also have the ease to operate in a wholly digital environment. It not only lowers overhead costs but also offers freedom to yoga-preneurs who want to conduct business on the move.

For a yogi-prenuer to create an online business it is indispensable focus his/her strengths and expansion of his/her network.From selling their knowledge to selling products like yoga mat, yoga pants etc. one can sell anything and everything online. There are certain steps a yogi shouldfollow to guarantee his/her success while starting an online business. Like:

 Know: what’s your niche?
 Write a unique and powerful content that sells.
 Build an easy-to-use website.
 Search engine optimization plays an important role in driving the traffic to your site. Use them best!
 Establish yourself as an expert in the field.
 Following up with your customers and subscribers via email can do wonders.
 You have opportunity to increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.

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