Is Delhi-NCR Becoming New Business Investment Capital?

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The ‘Start-up capital’ of India is now Delhi, not Bangalore. Yes, you read it right. Delhi National Capital Region currently has over 7000 startups and 10 unicorns which is significantly ahead of Bangalore with 5234 and Mumbai with 3829 startups. The private market valuation of a start-up in Delhi is currently around $50 billion. This confirms that it’s the right time to buy a business in Delhi or sell a business in Delhi. Online business brokers like online marketplace has been proven very useful for such business deals with their vast buyer and seller network.

Delhi-NCR has many business opportunities for a budding entrepreneur. I have tried to list out a few of them here:

  1. Game parlor business: Apart from social media, the current generation also spends a lot of their time playing games on their smartphone. Though India boasts of 4G connectivity, the network and the speed are not stabilized in many areas yet. Hence starting a game parlor business would be an effective investment opportunity.
  2. Franchise business: This is a very good business opportunity for people who don’t want to spend more time on deciding the logo, designs, menu (if related to food) and other such stuff. Just select a franchise of your choice and contact them to start your own business. You just need to invest money and location, rest everything will be provided by the company. Starting a food franchise is one of the examples of this. Finding a good existing restaurant for sale is also a good idea. Sites like com can help you in finding your choice of restaurants.
  3. Mobile repair shop business: The number of people using smartphones has increased tremendously over the last 5 years. Though the cost of the phone is reduced significantly and most of the items related to the phone can be bought online, there is still a category of people who visit repair shops for any issue with their phone. Since many elderly people have also started using smartphones currently, they would certainly visit the repair shops for every small issue. Therefore, starting a new repair shop or buying an existing one would be a good business opportunity.

These were just a few examples of business opportunities in Delhi. There are many such investment opportunities. This is a very good time to buy a running business or sell a business in Delhi. Many reasons contribute to this growth in business opportunities. The Infrastructure, well connected wide roads to all the NCR region, well-educated workforce, fastest-growing retail industry, increased per-capita income, etc. Delhi-NCR is on par with Bangalore currently in terms of start-up businesses and funding opportunities. Many Indians settled abroad are now investing in the Delhi-NCR region due to its good growth potential. So, seek help from online brokers like and find good opportunities in Delhi-NCR to buy a business or sell a business.

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